Spinal Injuries Centres

Salisbury -The Duke of Cornwall Spinal  Treatment Centre


The Duke of Cornwall Spinal  Treatment Centre  accepts patients requiring ventilatory support, both long term (domiciliary ventilation) and those with the potential to wean from invasive and non-invasive forms of mechanical ventilation.

  • Has 3 inpatient beds for respiratory/ventilated patients
  • Catchment area is south and south west England
  • Staffing includes a respiratory specialist nurse and a respiratory specialist physiotherapist

Our website: http://www.salisbury.nhs.uk/InformationForPatients/Departments/SpinalTreatment_Centre/Pages/indexPage.aspx


Respiratory Outpatient Service: This service is staffed by the Respiratory Lead Consultant and the Respiratory Specialist Physiotherapist. Patients seen are those who have a tracheostomy, who are ventilated, or have other respiratory issues.

Respiratory Service: Respiratory Specialists provide telephone support to ventilated patients and their care teams or community staff about equipment, training and care, and other clinical issues. They are available for specialist spinal advice regarding respiratory problems following discharge from the Spinal Centre.


Dr. Vinod –  Consultant in Spinal Injury

Dr Aram Mashoof Fard, Consultant in Spinal Injury and Rehabilitation Medicine

Sen Peralta – Respiratory Specialist Nurse

Kathryn Harris – Respiratory Specialist Physiotherapist



National Acute Spinal Injuries Unit – Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Dublin.

The National Acute Spinal Injuries Unit is located at the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital in Dublin. Patients are referred from all over the country as it is the only acute spinal injuries unit in the Republic of Ireland.  The unit comprises of 10 high dependency beds, with step down beds located on the orthopaedic ward.

The Unit admits adults with all levels and severity of spinal cord injury, each year we treat approximately sixty patients with spinal cord injury and over four hundred with spinal injuries. The Unit provides specialised, coordinated, interdisciplinary, medical and surgical care to patients with spinal cord injuries. This specialist team includes spinal surgeons, a rehabilitation consultant, nursing, two senior and one rotating staff grade physiotherapists, one senior occupational therapist, part time speech and language therapist, dietician, and pharmacist.

Patients are referred from the acute spinal unit for post-acute rehabilitation in the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin.


National Spinal Injuries Unit

Whitty Building, Level 5 (North Circular Road entrance),

Mater Misericordiae University Hospital,

Dublin 7,

D07 AX57.

PHONE: +353 1 8032354

Contact: Senior Physiotherapist: Marie McGroarty

email:   mmcgroarty@mater.ie