RISCI drives the national standards of care provided for spinal cord injured patients requiring respiratory support before and during admission to a spinal centre, and after discharge.

RISCI is a group of clinicians from around the U.K. who are passionately interested in the plight of people with spinal cord injury in respiratory difficulty.

We came to be from a common realisation that there was not much proven standardisation of care in the realm of respiratory management of people with spinal cord injury. It took one enterprising physio to seek out and find the very few people who had responsibility for the very few ventilator dependant people in the U.K. and bring them together in one small room in Sheffield. Interest has blossomed, and the last RISCI meeting had more delegates than there are patients on ventilators in the whole country.

We realise that ventilated patients are not our sole remit and look to improve respiratory management in many areas.

Firstly to improve Immediate respiratory management following cord injury by education, information and rapid transfer to a Spinal cord injury centre.

Secondly to improve initial management of those who are ventilated by facilitating weaning attempts by their host critical care unit and by enabling transfer as soon as possible to their nearest spinal cord injury centre.

Thirdly to improve management of ventilated patients by sharing of information and the development and dissemination of commonly agreed standards of care.

Fourthly  to facilitate discharge of ventilator dependant individuals to the community as soon as is safe, to a setting of their choice.

Fifthly to improve the monitoring and management of those at risk of developing respiratory compromise later in life.